Discover our brand new 2022 European Proptech & Contech Mapping!

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June 16, 2022
Press Release

Here is our 3rd European mapping about Proptech and Contech, with 236 companies created over the past 18 months.

Two years ago we launched the first mapping and announced AXELEO PROPTECH 1, a seed fund dedicated to this newly born vertical. We have built this project with the idea that entrepreneurs who tackle real estate industry need a dedicated fund, with an expert team who understands this complicated value chain with multiple stakeholders. A fund backed by industry leaders ready to create business opportunities for the portfolio...

AXC 2022 Proptech & Contech European Mapping

Today our fund remains the only focused fund in France and one of the pioneers in Europe, which shows that all of this is just the beginning. Our previous mappings have generated hundreds of constructive feedbacks from the European ecosystem, and we are happy to say that sometimes they helped entrepreneurs identify potential partners and build European leaders of tomorrow. As many new ventures are created in this space every day now, we’ve decided to focus on the companies created in the past 18 months in Europe, which are the most relevant regarding our view of Proptech and Contech thesis.

For sure it is not exhaustive, so feel free to reach out, catch up, tell us what we’ve missed, you know what to do… Like any other vertical, some new categories have been created, others have become obsolete. We want to stay as close as possible from the perfect understanding of « what is happening in the biggest asset class in the world » to keep on supporting the entrepreneurs we back and the investors of our fund.

After Proptech, the Contech space is now rising. You will see that Design & Build (a.k.a. Contech) represents 30% of the companies (20% more than a year ago). Some key topics we’ve really liked on the past year : ESG is everywhere and now represents an efficient go to market strategy, Fragmented ownership (see Prello or BRXS), Assisted design (see Laiout), Lifecycle assessment (see 2050Materials), and a lot of Rent-to-own (see Merlin) : various technologies for various customers with various business models… The perfect diversification for an industry focused fund.

There is no crisis for Proptech and Contech, we have dry powder and we are ready to use it. So if you want to fuel your company to become the next European leader, you know where to find us!