Our team is founded around values and principles that we all share and nourish to make the tech ecosystem every day more sustainable.

Willing to play on active role towards sustainability with a hands-on mindset we have accomplished pragmatic actions starting by what we believe is the first step : measuring our carbon footprint twice in 3 years (including our portfolio). This first stage is one of the key drivers of our sustainability manifesto, which relies on 5 core commitments into environmental, social and good governance issues.

We are confident to say that every company, even early-stage ones, can contribute to the world’s transformation into a greener and fairer place. For this reason, as investor, Axeleo Capital is supporting our portfolio’s startups in their journey to combine innovation, performance and sustainability.

A word from us

"My main challenge is to enable start-ups to implement sustainability actions tailored to their level of maturity, including from the very early stages. This means being transparent about our ESG expectations as an investor, benchmarking their results and providing them with practical tools."

Virginie, Partner - Head of Compliance & Sustainability

Our sustainability strategy

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SFDR Classification of our early-stage funds:
Axeleo Capital 1 – Article 6
Axeleo Proptech 1 – Article 6
AXC2 – Article 8
Axeleo GreenTech industry 1 – Article 9 (pre-marketing period)
Promote environmental actions in favour of the ecological and energy transition
Promote gender equality and diversity within our portfolio companies teams and C-Levels
Promote value-sharing mechanisms
Promote the presence of independent members on the non-executive bodies of our portfolio companies
To be exemplary in the exercise of voting rights