Axeleo Capital’s B2B tech fund hits €73M for the final closing 🚀

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December 12, 2023
Press Release

Excited to share that AXC2, our fund dedicated to B2B Tech startups, has successfully reached a final closing of €73 million! Since its launch in July 2022, AXC2 focuses on funding the next generation of B2B software, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, new use of data, blockchain & Fintech. 

Here are some key highlights:
✨ AXC2 already boasts 14 portfolio companies and a successful exit within a short timeframe, showcasing the strength of our early-stage investment strategy.
✨ Our portfolio includes innovative startups such as Kestra, Zygon, Cohort, Sopht, Formance, Triver, and the recently acquired Husprey, now part of Collibra.
✨ More than 150 investors, including Axeleo Capital’s historical LPs (with a large number of tech entrepreneurs) and new supporters like Tikehau Capital, leading family offices, founders of various French unicorns, and corporates, have demonstrated their trust in our vision.
✨ Our success is not just about the numbers. We are reinforcing our position as a long-term partner and growth catalyst for founders, supporting them from seed funding to Series B.
✨ We are proud to announce that we have doubled our size compared to our first fund. We're not just investors; we are growth catalysts, supporting startups through their development. 
All the Axeleo Capital team’s, Mathieu Viallard, Virginie Lucchini and I, are grateful for the continued support of our LPs, Entrepreneurs who have supported us for years, and the vibrant tech community. 

Together, we are shaping the future of B2B tech startups. 🚀🌐

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