Welcoming Husprey!

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December 5, 2022

Welcoming Husprey!

We have seen a huge change over the past few years in terms of new data architecture, with companies investing a lot on their architecture to properly use their data. This change has impacted the whole value chain, with a lot of innovative players coming in at different levels, defining what we call the modern data stack; at the ingestion level with Fivetran, Airbyte, Census, the storage level with famous players like Snowflake, BigQuery, at the transformation level with dbt or LookML and finally at the analytics level with players like Looker or Deepnote.

This is on this last step of the value chain, the analytics, that Husprey comes with a SQL collaborative notebooks for modern data teams. This approach convinced us that they will be a legitimate candidate to bring structuration over the notebooks use by the data analysts and collaboration between them and the business users. This is by the way not a surprise that Husprey is referenced a a modern data stack player.

Their tool allows data analysts to have a central place where they can collaborate with each other, connect their data, run analysis and share it through wonderful notebooks with the rest of the company, whether it’s a technical user or a business user. And this is also where Husprey is particularly impactful: they allow business users to access directly the notebooks of Husprey to objectivize their business decisions. Therefore, they are unifying the notebook formats of the data analysts, organizing these notebooks in an easy way to search, and they are mostly bridging the gap and the miscommunication between data and business teams.

Apart from convincing us, the company has above all convinced great companies like Ankostore, Whitings, Doctrine, Shipfix, Malt, Shine, Le Figaro, to use their tool to infuse collaboration between data and business users within their company.

Behind this success, are hidden a great team led by two entrepreneurs, Thibaut and Joffrey, who have been working with such commitment and dedication to ease the day-to-day of their clients. Having faced this kind of challenges as data people themselves, they seem to be the perfect duo to boost data analysts! We can’t wait to see what the future looks like.

And by the way, we are delighted to announce that Axeleo Capital is investing in Husprey seed round!