State of Proptech & Contech in Europe - T2 2021

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AXC Team
Article Date
December 29, 2021

By Dimitri Kremp

Our team at Axeleo Capital compiled the data of the 85+ proptech & contech deals from Q2 2021 (April - May - June), using information both from Axeleo Capital & Crunchbase. To stay true to our startup & early stage focus, we chose to gather data related exclusively to startups & scale-ups across Europe (companies with less than 250 employees & founded after 2010) operating in the proptech or contech spheres.

As shown on the visual, we came up with 5 major conclusions :

  • Still a majority of B2B small rounds : over the 87 rounds that we studied, nearly 58% are B2B focused, with a vast majority of low to middle sized rounds (27 rounds with less than a million raised in the space - 435M raised in total) ;
  • Property Management and Real Estate Marketing are hot : Property Management Softwares (PMS) are the most funded businesses, followed by B2B marketing tools for real estate professionals (ie CRM for brokers, etc.) and marketplaces for real estate goods ;
  • All market segments reaching momentum : Even though the « Manage and Operate » market segment tops other market segments with 34% of the total number of rounds registered, all 5 market segments see at least one significant early stage deal (> 5 million raise) over the period.
  • Activity heavily concentrated in Western Europe : 4 Western Europe countries (France, UK, Germany, Spain) represent more than 70% of the registered rounds.
  • First exits in the space : We see acquisitions in the most mature lines of business either by scale-ups (Pricehubble acquiring Realtify) or by corporates from the sector (Fixflo acquired by Aareon, German leader of ERP softwares for real estate).

Following the evolution of these indicators on a quarterly basis will be a good way to monitor the expansion of the European proptech & contech ecosystem. Stay tuned!

Axeleo Proptech I is an early-stage fund dedicated to European Proptech and Contech. As part of Axeleo Capital, we offer European proptech & B2B founders a unique support framework combining early-stage investment, a tailor-made acceleration program and direct access to an ecosystem of over 100 seasoned software experts and mentors. Our proptech investments include Propster, Beanstock, Garantme, Check&Visit and Bright Spaces.

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