Our 2023 Proptech & Contech Annual Mapping is here!

Article by
Dimitri Kremp
Article Date
September 15, 2023

Our seed fund dedicated to Proptech AXELEO PROPTECH 1 is now more than 3 years old. This is a good opportunity for us to publish our traditional annual mapping, with 210 companies created over the past 12 months. This mapping has been realized by our vertically-focused team, and is based on the dealflow of the past year. We are proud that Axeleo Capital remains today the reference proptech & contech fund in France, and one of the European leaders.

This mapping focuses on companies created in the last 12 months in Europe. The proptech landscape continues to evolve, with new trends entering the market. After 3 years, the activity is still there. New entrepreneurs emerge every year with ever more interesting projects to meet the challenges of the building sector: accessibility to real estate, energy renovation, IoT, soil artificialization, mobility, worksite optimization, etc.

This batch does not experience any major change compared to the previous year in terms of overall dynamics. It is in the detail that things have changed. To name a few, projects are becoming rarer (80% drop) in the field of Construction Robotics (3D printing), Coliving, Relocation & short term solutions, Remote work (equipment, out of office solution ). In addition, Energy Renovation, Decentralized Energy Production, HR, Fractional Investment and Energetic diagnosis are definitely the big topics of the year with a multiplication of more than 50% of new projects compared to previous years.

This year was also rich for our proptech fund AXP1 as we made 4 major investments:

  • Pionix (Germany), an open-source software called EVerest to create a standardized base layer for EV charging systems.
  • Oculai (Germany), a SaaS for construction companies to seamlessly create and aggregate data from construction sites thanks to computer vision and AI.
  • Monga (France), a SaaS workflow optimization solution that takes care of the organization and monitoring of maintenance (plumbing, repairs, cleaning, painting, etc.) of assets under management for property managers.
  • Mob-energy (France), a robotic and innovative charging solution for car parks.

The deployment of AXELEO PROPTECH 1 does not stop there, as we are still planning several investments over the coming year. New qualitative opportunities come to us every day, and we are very excited for this 4th year. Feel free to reach out if you're carrying a new project in that space!