Mantra raises € 1.6 M in Seed funding round to fill the gap of current email security solutions

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AXC Team
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December 29, 2021

by @eburdierWe are pleased to announce our new investment on the seed round of Their mission is simple and clear: make teams resistant to Phishing. Phishing is the 1st attack vector and the simplest way to hack any organization.Yes, the cybersecurity market is a big ocean driven by technology and sovereignty issues.But it’s mostly a question of people. In 2017, we saw with Alsid (now part of Tenable company) software used to prevent human breaches in the Active Directory. At the same time, with Yogosha, we saw how you could engage white hackers through a software platform to identify breaches in companies IT or software. History repeats itself.Now, thanks to a massive cloudification of all applications, the remote work, the natural cooperation with a large number of people and companies, the easiest way to hack a company is to hack the human element. Teams are not ready, not enough prepared and trained. 90% of cyber attacks originate in phishing.That’s why we embrace the vision of : humans need to become your main defense layer !But not in any old way! User experience, IA and NLP are here used to train your user in real conditions, not with basic or easy-to-spot simulations. leverages nudge, gamification and other psychological tactics to boost users' vigilance, without effort.It’s a long run (and we love that) but could count on a strong team, seasoned founders Gaspard and Guillaume and amazing 1st customers like Aircall, Pennylane, Lifen, Dataiku, Theodo or Saagie !And now (and a fresh €1.6M seed round), play on!More details : Press release Mantra Seed Round