Discover our 2024 Proptech and Contech Unicorn Report!

Article Date
July 10, 2024

We have identified 51 unicorns globally in Real Estate and Construction, the vast majority being concentrated in North America. In Proptech and ConTech, we observed several Real Estate and Construction unicorns failing to maintain their unicorn status. This prompted our investigation into understanding the reasons and impacts of the current macroeconomic environment on these companies. Our aim is to provide insights into the challenges these unicorns face and the factors influencing their valuation.ย 

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โ€โ€A collaborative report by Plug and Play and Axeleo Capital : โ€

- Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform, has a portfolio of over 30 unicorns and a dedicatedReal Estate & Construction Vertical.โ€

- Axeleo Capital is a Paris-based early stage VC firm with โ‚ฌ150 million under management. One of its verticalized funds focuses on Proptech & Contech early stage investments accross Europe.