DBtune secures seed funding to revolutionize AI-based database optimization

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August 1, 2023

We are delighted to share that Axeleo Capital is participating in DBTune's €2.4M seed round alongside 42Cap and other renowned investors. This marks a major leap forward in their mission to transform the way organizations approach performance optimization in databases.

DBtune's innovative approach simplifies the tuning process for database instances using artificial intelligence. Tuning the configuration parameters is a vital aspect of database management and can have significant performance ramifications. The configuration parameters of a database affect the way the data "flows" through the application and the interaction between the underlying hardware, which is, the interaction between RAM, CPU, and disk. Through a flagship AI-based cloud and on-prem service, users can tune their database system effortlessly, freeing up valuable time for database administrators to concentrate on strategic initiatives and maximize efficiency and productivity. Thanks to DBtune, customers reduce their computing resource requirements, bringing more efficiency to their Financial DevOps (FinOps). In addition to saving on cloud credits, users also reduce their CO2 impact, supporting their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. DBtune's foundation is rooted in eight years of machine learning research and development in academia, as a spin-off from Stanford University and Lund University.

Esteemed institutional investors have contributed to this seed funding round and embraced the DBtune mission. The round was led by 42Cap (Germany), with participation from prominent investors such as Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company (UK/Germany), Exxeta Ventures (Germany), JVH Ventures (Germany), as well as angel investors Kingston Duffie (US), Martin Hell (Sweden) and Peter Zaitsev (US). All investors recognize the immense potential of DBtune's innovative approach but also bring valuable expertise and resources to support the next phase of growth.

The successful completion of this seed round marks a pivotal moment for DBtune. With this funding, DBTune will enhance its product offerings, expand its talented team with new hires, and accelerate growth. At present, the development and sales team comprises 7 individuals who bring a diverse range of expertise in machine learning, database and cloud technologies to our mission. Additionally, the team is strengthened by valued advisors based in both the US and Europe, contributing valuable insights and guidance to our operations. As they continue to evolve, DBTune look forward to welcoming more exceptional individuals who share the passion for redefining database management system optimization. At Axeleo Capital, we are proud to back DBTune in its mission to deliver transformative solutions that empower businesses to optimize their databases effortlessly, achieving unprecedented efficiency and performance levels.

For more information about DBtune and its transformative solutions, please visit the website at www.dbtune.com.