Beanstock raises € 2.5 M in Seed funding round to make buy-to-let investment accessible to everyone

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AXC Team
Article Date
December 29, 2021

by Eugénie MartinezMeet Beanstock, the startup making real estate investment simple and easily accessible. Since its launch in September 2020, the proptech startup has already helped over 100 people invest in real estate. To continue its rapid commercial development Beanstock raises 2,5M€. On this round, we invested alongside Realty Corporation and Business Angels among who are Oscar Pierre, CEO of Glovo and Jean-Charles Samuelian, CEO of Alan.

Making real estate investment accessible to a wider audienceIn a context where rental investment becomes an alternative to the acquisition of a main residence, we are convinced by the vision of the founders to make real estate investment simple and accessible thanks to the full support of projects. Beanstock wants to be present alongside investors throughout the project from the property search, financing, tenant finding to the property management.Real estate investment is known to everyone but often wrongly considered as only accessible to the wealthiest. However, when a project is well defined and thought accordingly to the individual’s borrowing capacity it can become accessible to a wider public. The real pains are to understand all the mechanisms and to have enough time to define and manage the project. This is where Beanstock can come in and shake up the market.A very good traction in a market significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemicIn less than a year, Beanstock has achieved to accompany over a hundred investors based in 9 different countries in their buy-to-let projects in France. This represents more than €10M transaction volume gone through their platform. The trend is accelerating quite fast with double digits month over month growth. The Covid-19 pandemic proved that the market is resilient, and that real estate needs to digitize itself faster.At Axeleo Capital, we are convinced that real estate digitization needs to happen soon but the traction that Beanstock has had over the last months illustrates well that the momentum is right know. The market is ready for this kind of offering and many people that would not have invested on their own will take the plunge and invest with thanks to Beanstock.An A-list team that understands perfectly the market and its stakesThe startup is driven by founders who have acquired a very good understanding of B2C businesses during their previous experiences at Glovo or Uber. This knowledge will be very helpful in order to set up the best user experience possible. Combined with their knowledge of the buy-to-let properties they have all the keys to make a successful company.This dual real estate and B2C expertise is an undeniable advantage and will enable them to provide the offer that has the best market fit.Ambitious few months awaits Beanstock The startup is still at the beginning of its journey and the path to success will be full of milestones to achieve such as continuing to recruit the team, to develop the product or to expand the offering to many other cities.In fact, the startup’s product roadmap is very ambitious, and they want to add data science to increase the user experience and provide a frictionless, seamless and cost-effective journey. To achieve this plan, Beanstock will have to build up its product and engineering team quickly.The year 2021 will also be an intense year on a commercial point of view. The geographic expansion will be done on high pace with the opening of 20 French cities by the end of the year before expanding abroad in a more distant future. In order to achieve these goals, Beanstock will have to keep increasing the inventory available on its marketplace to have sufficient offers available.We share the founders’ ambitious play of being the one stop shop for real estate investment projects. Many challenges await the founders done the road but their first achievements and their capacity to surround themselves with top notch CEOs and actors from the real estate sector, augur well for the future.More details : Press release seed round Beanstock