Beanstock announces a €12M series A exactly a year after its seed round

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AXC Team
Article Date
April 14, 2022

Only a year after its Seed round led by Axeleo Capital, Beanstock announces a Series A funding of €12M. Led by 360 Capital, the round is also the occasion to bring in international VCs such as Entrée Capital, PropTech1 and FJ Labs. Axeleo Capital andRealty Corporation, historic investors, renewed their trust as well. The round is completed by to top notch business angels: Giorgio Tinacci (CEO of Casavo),Alister Moreno & Pablo Fernandez (Founders of Clikalia), Victor Lugger (CEO of Sunday), Arkadi Jampolski & Jan Hase (Founders of Wunderflats), VincentHuguet (CEO of Malt) and Raphaël Di Meglio (CEO of Matera).

Since we backed Beanstock, Emma and Alex have gone a great way. Going from two cofounders to a team of over +50 beans with over 350 clients satisfied. We are thrilled to renew our trust and to continue to accompany them. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

This new round will enable to continue to develop the product to continue to offer the best user experience possible, to consolidate the company’s position in France with 30 new cities expected to open in the next few months, expand in internationally, and triple the size of the team over the next year.

Founded by Emma Malha and Alexandre Fitussi, Beanstock has for mission to help any person willing to invest in real estate by offering as simple and digital experience. During its first year, Beanstock has helped over 350 clients invest in real estate in20 cities across France. Today Beanstock has over 50 million euros worth of real estate assets under management.

Congrats to Emma, Alex and the team for this year and the fundraising!